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Discover the magical taste of Mother Nature, the unique world of snail caviars! Experience the subtle and delicate flavours of the shiny pearls through our Csaviar branded products. Our patent protected no-salt process preserves the original, naturally neutral essence of caviar d’escargot, however by adding flavours it also provides endless opportunities for culinary experiences. The small mellow spheres from snail caviar burst gently on your palate, a surprising sensation evoking the morning dew of the forests. You might enjoy snail caviar on its own, but it also goes well with fish and meat, and you can even serve it with desserts.

Csaviar d’escargot

Csaviar d’escargot

€ 60

Appearance: Bright white pearls. About the size of salmon or trout roe.
Flavor: Notes of earth and woods. Like a walk in the forest after rainfall.
Texture: A sturdy outer membrane with a mellow essence.
Pairing Suggestions: Meat (beef, pork and game), Vegetables, and Fresh Water Seafood.


The manual selection of each pearl is a hard time-consuming process that is subjected to high-quality control standards. However, this is the best way to create the finest snail pearl for our customers.



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